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How to Start Nordic Curls: A Complete Guide

How to Start Nordic Curls: A Complete Guide

BY Tifani Esco

PUBLISHED ON Jun, 14, 2024

How to do Nordic Curls: A Complete Guide

Interested in Nordic curls but not sure where to start? Look no further! Read on to discover how you can ease into this challenging movement and make progress safely.

1. The Elephant Walk:

A gentle stretch to lengthen the hamstrings under light load. 


  • The Nordic Curl is a stretch-strength movement, so lengthening your hamstrings beforehand is crucial for starting this movement.
  • This will ease your hamstrings into being able to tolerate the tension of Nordic Curls. 

How to:

  • Find an elevated surface that is 6-20 inches off the ground. The higher the surface = the easier the movement will be and vice versa.
  • Keep your legs completely straight while bending down to reach your hands to the surface.
  • Aim to get palms down to the surface while your legs are straight.
  • Start the movement by bending one leg at a time while straightening the opposite leg so that you feel a stretch in the leg that is straight.

The Hamstring Curl:

To strengthen and bring blood flow to the hamstrings.


  • Hamstring curls will strengthen the hamstrings to build a foundation for Nordic Curls.

How to:

  • Using your Leg Developer from Freak Athlete- attach it to your Nordic Hyper and set it to your height setting.
  • Place the Nordic Hyper at a 20 degree incline, and lay down with your legs in the Leg Developer like a traditional Hamstring curl machine.
  • Flex your knees bringing your feet to your glutes.
  • Pause at the top, and the control the way back down to your starting position.
  • Start with 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps with a moderate weight.

Regressed Nordic Curls on the Nordic Hyper GHD:


Starting Nordic curls at an incline will allow you to safely build tolerance to the movement while still allowing you to get the benefits of doing the full movement. 

How to:

  • Adjust your Nordic Hyper to 30-45 degrees if you are just starting out. 
  • Lower yourself to the pad as slow as you can. 
  • Pay attention to the feeling in your hamstrings, behind your knees & in your low back. 
  • If you don't feel much, then you can progress by lowering the angle. 
  • If it feels difficult, you can increase the incline or only focus on the negative portion of the movement. 
  • Always work at your pain free level and only progress when it starts to feel easy.


Starting Nordic curls doesn't have to be intimidating. By incorporating the Elephant Walk for stretching, the Hamstring Curl for strengthening, and utilizing the Nordic Hyper GHD for regression, you can safely begin your Nordic Curl journey. Remember, consistency and gradual progression are key.

If you would like to take your Nordic Curl journey to the next level, investing in a bench that allows for measurable progress is a cheat code.

The Nordic Hyper GHD is an all in one Nordic Bench with 10+ levels of regression.

Find out what the Nordic Hyper is capable of:

  • Nordic Bench with multiple levels of regression
  • 45 Degree Back Extension
  • 90 Degree Back Extension
  • GHD/Reverse Hyper combo
  • Hip Thrust Bench
  • Standard + Decline Ab bench
  • Hamstring Curls 
  • Leg Extensions 

Don't wait- we have sold out 7 times since the launch of the Nordic Hyper. 

Get yours today up to $400 off when you bundle with the Leg Developer. 

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